05.09.13 | HUSBAND

it's been almost nine years since i met my husband. and in those nine years, my love for him has grown exponentially. he is the kindest, warmest, funniest, nerdiest, most loving, considerate, helpful, unselfish man i have ever known. he works a (sometimes) very stressful job that he loves and has another after-hours shift that he works every couple of weeks, all so i can stay home and take care of our child(ren). and when he does come home after a particularly stressful day, he never complains when i ask him for help. he does all the dishes so i don't have to, he kills all the spiders in our house without rolling his eyes, he puts landon to bed basically every night so i can get a bit of a break (and because he loves it), he gets me numerous glasses of water a day so i can keep my feet propped up, he drives us everywhere, he is definitely the cleaner of the two of us, he's never complained about changing a poopy diaper, he's sat through too many hours to count of sarah's house on hgtv, he compliments me on all of my cooking and tells me he loves me every single day.  he never goes to bed without kissing me goodnight, even when i'm being a pain, and i hope that never changes.

today, he's 29. one year closer to being 30. definitely late twenties. c;

i've known him for almost nine of his 29 years of life. i am so incredibly lucky to call this man my husband, the father of our children and ultimately the best friend i could ever ask for. i love you so.

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