so basically, it's taken me almost a month to do landon's birthday post. and really, i'm only doing it because my sister-in-law has been bugging me about it. apparently, being too lazy to sit on my computer upstairs and just get it done isn't a good enough of an excuse. so, without further ado, here is landon's birthday party post!
we started the morning off with balloons and streamers hanging from the outside of his room. that's how my mom used to start my birthdays so i figured we would do it for landon, too. it's safe to say that he absolutely LOVED it. i mean, he pretty much ran through those balloons and streamers for the first 30 minutes of the day. it was pretty awesome. 

and then we had french toast for breakfast, with powdered sugar. because really, who doesn't want french toast for breakfast on your birthday? i know i do!
for party number one (we split the party into two separate parties because we have so many people in our families. it was just easier that way, especially since we wanted to have it in our house and 30 people in our house would have been crazyyyy!) we had veggies, fruit salad, cheese and crackers, tiny pb&j sandwiches, chocolate-covered pretzels, lemon cream cupcakes and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. and then punch, of course. party number two had the rest of the cheese and crackers, the rest of the veggies, more punch, more pretzels, more cupcakes, lil smokies, potato salad and a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. (apparently, i didn't take a good enough picture of that table. oh well.)
 ^^that's landon's "smile" face. it's pretty amazing.
we had a construction theme party for landon this year, because he's big into all sorts of trucks and cars and trains and basically, anything that has an engine! yeah, he's definitely a boy. c; we put caution tape up on the windows, across the front door and i found some thick cardstock signs that we put up around the house, too. i also picked up a pack of yellow balloons and a pack of black balloons from walmart that we blew up and justin hung all over the house. seriously, justin pretty much did all of the decorating, and it was awesome. i ordered some kids "hard hats" from oriental trading (i think. i can't remember.) and wrote the kid's names on them that would be attending the party. no one really wanted to wear their hats at the party but they all took them home nonetheless. (landon didn't want anything to do with his until about a week later.)
he really loved when everyone sang "happy birthday" to him and when he got to blow out his candle. forget about presents, i think that may have been his favorite part of the day. 
^^see what i mean? "smile" faces are impossibly cute. i think it's my favorite. landon ended up with some awesome loot from his parties, too. and the only thing he got multiple of was a book! he got four copies of the same book, hah! he also scored big with a water table (which he's gotten good use out of this week with our awesome weather), TWO different cars that he can ride in, a new train set (which might be his favorite thing ever), LOTS of clothes (and that makes this mama VERY happy), some new shoes, a yankees jersey that he'll fit into when he's old enough to play baseball himself, a handful of new books (and that also makes us happy since the old rotation was getting to us), bubble bath, play food for his kitchen, legos, a couple motorized annoying cars/trucks that people just have to get him c; a new wooden train that he loves and some money for his savings account.

we had such a good time and we are so lucky that so many people in our lives love our little guy almost as much as we do and take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate him. 

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