last weekend, my dad took us to the coast. we stayed in a condo in lincoln city, and really enjoyed ourselves. a little shopping was done for landon and baby girl, a yummy dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, kyllo's, and a really yummy dinner made by my dad back at the condo. we also stopped in at the chowder bowl on sunday on our way out of town, because you know, it's a necessity. the weather was almost perfect for the oregon coast, with a tiny bit of rain on sunday morning but the rest of the time, it was almost ridiculous to not be outside. 

really, the best part of our weekend was getting to relax. relaxing near the ocean is one of my most favorite things to do: hearing the waves crash into the shore; seeing the sun shine through the breaks of the waves causing them to turn a little bluish-green. it's just beautiful. we are so lucky to live in a world that has so much beauty. 

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