04.11.13 | QUESTIONS

when we found out i was pregnant, i decided that i probably didn't need to have another baby shower. i mean, especially if we were going to have another boy. we already have basically everything we need, minus some clothes and diapers. all the toys, car seat, play gym, pack 'n play, etc., we still had laying around our house. and then we went to our 20-week ultrasound and the tech told us the little baby covering it's face and moving around inside of me was a girl. and my mind  changed. i wanted, no, NEEDED, to have a shower. i deserved it and more importantly, so did claire. 

so, justin and i started planning one. we decided on a coed-shower so that justin could attend as well. our theme was also easily decided upon: milk & cookies. we bought all sorts of starbucks frappucino drinks from costco (they were on sale!) so that i could jump on the party bandwagon and use them to serve drinks with pretty paper straws. 

and then, one friday evening while i was out having dessert and sweet conversation with one of my dear friends, she offered to throw me a shower. it's silly to throw your own shower, right? so i kindly accepted the offer and my focus quickly shifted from milk & cookies to a very girly, very adorable theme. and i'm pretty darn excited about it.

but you know what else? i'm having a hard time with my registry. do i even sign up for a registry? i kinda/sorta started two, one at target and one at babies 'r' us but really, there's not much on them. is a registry only for what you actually need? because honestly, we could really use a double stroller although we don't actually NEED it. and even though we have an infant carseat, we're gonna need another one that grows with baby girl and we really like the one landon has now. and while i'm thinking about it, we could use another diaper genie because landon's definitely not going to be out of diapers by the time baby girl is here. but then does the shower turn into a "come to my party and buy me gifts because i really want some more gifts" type of thing? because that's the LAST thing i want it to be. i want people there to celebrate another little life coming into this world and if they feel like bringing a gift, then so be it. 

so i guess my question is this: is it acceptable of me, as a second-time mom, to register for things? will people feel like i am being selfish? should it really only be a "sprinkle" party where people bring little gifts instead of being "showered" with all sorts of gifts? what's the proper way to do things these days? 


  1. i'm probably NOT the right person to answer this, but seeing as no one else has, i'm gonna anyway :) i say we shower you and claire so very much that you need a million umbrellas :)


  2. I think a second shower is an awesome idea! You could register, but not put it on the invites. That way if someone wants to buy a gift they can ask. I had a brilliant idea (well I think it is!) To have guests bring freezer meals as a gift. What better way to shower a family with love? Or suggest on the invite tactfully that a money tree will be available for larger items that you need...


thanks for the input!