04.09.13 | SENSES

sight - a beautiful color of seafoam on baby girl's new dresser.

sound - my son's contagious giggle. uncontrollable and happy.

smell - the deliciousness that is my husband's new body soap from old spice.

taste - chinese food. i'll eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner i'm craving it so much. especially the general tsao's from costco. seriously amazing.

touch - baby girl's kicks, punches and flips. all day long, every day. it's incredible what a woman's body can handle.


  1. aww love this post! Can't wait to see your pregnant tummy!

    1. i feel like i haven't seen you in forever! which is basically the truth. i can't wait for this girl's night to happen, which, when is it happening?! because if it doesn't happen soon, it's quite possible that landon and i might just have to drive up to salem to see you and your boys some day!


thanks for the input!