04.03.13 | WEEK 25

a chilly walk together, two weeks ago
yes, in case you were wondering, i am now 25 weeks along in this pregnancy. we had our most recent ob appointment yesterday and were able to schedule out the rest of the appointments until my due date! it always make it feel so much more real (and fast!) when those appointments get booked.
we also scheduled all of our growth ultrasounds yesterday, as well as my final glucose test. my doctor checked my fundal height and even though i am only 25 weeks along, i measured at 30 weeks. yikes! so, at weeks 28, 32 and 36 i am going to have an ultrasound to try and determine how big baby girl is actually getting to be. now, there's apparently a pretty big plus or minus as to how accurate the measurements are but hopefully it'll give us some idea. my doc said that if baby girl is going to be about the same size as landon (or smaller) then we'll shoot for a vaginal delivery. BUT if she's measuring larger, or her abdominal circumference is measuring larger than her head circumference, then we'll be leaning towards c-section. i'm not worried either way; i'm fully comfortable with my doctor and whatever decision she chooses as the best one. i'm just hoping that my uterus is extra larger and baby girl is actually quite small.
in other pregnancy news: she's quite the tumbler! seriously, she moves waaaay more than landon ever did in utero. and sometimes i feel quite guilty because all i want her to do is lay still so that i can be comfortable. but, i keep reminding myself that her movements are good movements and i should be happy that they're happening. c;
my energy levels have pretty much gotten back to normal. i'm still pretty tired by about 9pm but that's way better than falling asleep on the couch at 10 in the morning! and, i'm nausea-free (knock on wood!) and have been for quite some time now. it's really refreshing to be going through a pregnancy, not throwing up the entire time. i've gained some weight (obviously, since i gained nine pounds in one month, thanks thyroid), but it's not terrible, yet. i feel like i've been doing a fairly decent job with my diet - not overeating or eating horrible foods all day long - but i do give in to my cravings quite a bit. so i should probably cut back on that.
people keep asking if landon understands all that is happening. the answer? we aren't sure. he still isn't really talking much so it's hard to tell what all he knows. when we ask him where baby claire is, he taps my belly, so he knows that much. but i'm not sure he knows what a baby actually is yet, especially since we aren't around all that many babies at the moment. and he still has a difficult time understanding the concept of being more careful with me and not climbing all over me or jumping on me, but i think that's to be expected of any almost-two-year-old, right?


  1. Oh, I didn't know you decided on Claire! Musta missed that somewhere. Love the name. :) What's the middle name? And LOVE the photo of you and Landon - so sweet!!

    1. you didn't miss anything - this was the first time i've mentioned it here on the blog. c; her middle name will be lucille, after both of my grandma's middle names. and thanks for the comment on the pic! he wasn't really interested in taking a picture that day. too much to explore!


thanks for the input!