i am feeling particularly exhausted from this weekend. and it's not like we did a whole terrible lot, it just feels like it. 

the weather was basically perfect, starting friday and ending mid-afternoon on sunday. it was the kind of weather you dream about here in the pacific northwest: sunny, with just a cool breeze; t-shirt and shorts (or skirts) weather. glorious. we spent friday evening out in our backyard, together as a family. and started saturday morning the same way. 

since saturday was the forecasted best day of the weekend, we took the boys on a little walk around the neighborhood, took landon to two different parks (one for playing and one for duck-watching/chasing), stopped in at home depot for some paint for baby girl's room, and made a quick stop out at my grandparents house to see some family that was here visiting. then it was lunch time, and nap time for our littlest guy. i can't remember if we did anything more on saturday evening, other than spend time out back (there's my pregnancy brain for ya!). 

on sunday, we got up early, made coffee cake (which was scrumptious, let me tell you), spent MORE time out in our back yard and then decorated easter eggs. i've just got to say that decorating eggs outside in the sun is most definitely the best way to do it. if only the weather would cooperate and allow that every year! the eggs dried super quick and clean up was a breeze. and because we were outside, we decided to blow some bubbles too, because that's landon's favorite thing right now (and ripley's, too). an easter egg hunt was had here at home for landon and he figured the concept out right away! he's a cutie, that one. 

after lunch and a nap, we headed over to justin's parents house for easter dinner and another little egg hunt for the babies of the family. landon ended up hunting his eggs about three or four separate times because once just isn't enough fun. his basket this year from the grandparents was actually a little shopping cart, that he absolutely loved pushing around all over outside (and in). 

by the time we got home last night, i was spent. called it a day at about 830, changed into comfy pj's and conked right out. it was lovely. 

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