03.28.13 | DOGS

can we talk for a minute about the love between humans and dogs? because really, it's the best. i am so incredibly happy that we got ripley when we did. and that i got pregnant shortly after. and as frustrating as it is sometimes to have a three-year-old dog and an almost two-year-old toddler and being pregnant all at the SAME EXACT TIME, it's also really rewarding seeing the relationship develop between landon and ripley.

landon absolutely loves ripley. like, really. he pretty much wants to be near him all the time when we're home together. he wants to be the one holding ripley's leash when we walk him out front to go pee before we leave to go somewhere. he wants to choose what kind of treat ripley gets and he wants to be the one to give it to him. the first thing he does in the morning is run over to wherever ripley is and give him loves. it's the most adorable thing to see. 

and how could i do a post about dogs and not include my brother's new pup, griffey?! i couldn't. he's just too cute. and you can't really tell in this picture but he's going to be huge. insanely huge. his paws are incredibly massive and he's just the cutest thing, really. and if i had a picture of my sister's two dogs, i'd put them up here too. because they're all super adorable. 


thanks for the input!