oh golly, sorry it's taken me so long to get these pictures up! apparently, the little day trip over there took quite a bit out of me because thursday and friday were spent recuperating. and justin even stayed home on friday to help me since i wasn't feeling well and really just wanted to sleep all day, which i was able to do with him home, thankfully! 

BUT! we had fun with auntie courtney while we were there, that's for sure. the first thing we did was hop on down to the beach, since the clouds were starting to roll in and we really didn't want to be out there in the rain. we got a few minutes down by the water, all to ourselves really! there was literally no one else around. it was so peaceful, even if it was windy and chilly. 

our next stop was lunch at the chowder bowl. yum! and then on to the aquarium. landon loves it there; he's basically obsessed with fish. he didn't even care about the sea otters or anything else because he really just wanted to watch those little fishies swim all over in their tanks. and also, there was a field trip happening so he really wanted to be where all the kids were. soon bud! they also had this fun little exhibit there called "the sea & me" and he loved the little sand boxes that they had. he had so much fun digging around for sea shells. there was a sign up that stated if they found a shell, they got to keep one. landon ended up finding a whole sand dollar! 

our last stop was down at the bay front, to get some salt water taffy, fudge for justin and a lollipop for landon. luckily for us, it only sprinkled on us a few minutes here and there so we were really able to enjoy ourselves. it was just what we needed. 

i took the big camera with us this day and had quite the time
figuring out the settings in a place with such bad lighting.
oh well!
practice makes perfect, right?!

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