i haven't had much to say about my no-dairy diet because, well, not much happened. for a little bit there, i thought i was eczema-free on my hand! and then, two days ago, a blister popped up. and then yesterday, a whole bunch more showed their ugly little faces. and then last night, i woke up with a super intense itching on my hand so, because i was woken up and i'm pregnant, i decided to use the restroom and while in there i noticed that i had blisters on all of my fingers on my right hand. so, lo and behold, milk/dairy is not the culprit. and i'm really quite bummed about it. 

i mean, i didn't really want to give up dairy. i really like it! but, after doing so for a couple of weeks, and coming to the conclusion that almond milk (in the vanilla-flavored form, that is) is quite good, i was gung-ho about it. sure, i was desperately missing cookies made with butter and cheese on my hamburger but i was ready to live with it. and really, i think i'm still gonna. justin doesn't drink much milk, landon doesn't like it at all, and i really don't need it. i mean, almond milk has way more calcium than regular milk and it tastes just as good. and i really don't need to be eating ice cream as much as i used to, or cheese for that matter. so, i'm not giving up dairy completely (i'll probably butter my toast again and eat things made with dairy like chocolate-chip poptarts or english muffins or chocolate) but i'm definitely not eating it like i used to. it's just better for me in the long run, right? and who knows, maybe i'll be cutting out grain next? (keep dreaming, lacey.)

in other food news: we are obsessed with avocados in this house lately. justin has one almost every single day! and i'm loving them on salads and sandwiches. yum! in fact, my favorite meals right now are blta's (minus the t) and grilled chicken sandwhiches with bacon & avocado. oh gosh, i'm drooling just thinking about it. 

and landon? well, he's particularly fond of strawberry-mango yogurt. he tried it for the first time yesterday and let's just say that he loved it. so much so that he had that yogurt cup finished quicker than i've ever seen him eat one! and it was all over his chin too, so you know if must be good. 

also: landon's got a cold so we've been hunkering (is that a word? i feel like it is...) down at home, watching cars and busy town mysteries on netlflix. and as i'm typing this, which is at a little after 10am, he is still sleeping. i'm not sure if it's from being sick and needing the extra sleep or if it's from the time change. he's been sleeping until about 915-930ish every day since we 'sprung ahead' an hour and it's been pretty glorious for me! right now, i have the feeling like i should go in there and wake him up but i just don't have the heart to since he's not feeling well. 

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