03.06.13 | LIFE

time for a little update! we've been spending our days enjoying each other and our time left as a family of three (four, if you count our dog!). we've done a little bit of reorganizing, visited with friends and have started planning for a 2nd birthday party (and a little girl baby shower, too). 

this past weekend, we were lucky enough to spend some time with some of our favorite people. saturday night consisted of take-out at our friend's house, with a very cute little dinner date happening between landon and our friend's daughter at her pink princess table. it was too cute. and then on sunday, we got to hang out with some friends in portland and have dinner with them. they've completely changed their lifestyle to the primal blueprint (which justin is pretty interested in now, too) but luckily for me, they made me some rice to go with dinner. c; 

also on sunday, we hit the zoo. i've been dying to get out of the house and do something particularly fun with landon and the zoo just really seemed to fit the bill. the weather forecast said no rain so we went for it! and for the most part, it didn't rain. BUT it did drizzle a little bit while we were there. we had so much fun that i didn't take any pictures (well, i took some of the animals but they aren't the greatest and i didn't take any of landon) but justin did. it was really good for this pregnant body of mine to walk as much as we did and by the end of it, i was spent. landon didn't get a nap (except for maybe 10 minutes in the car) and yet, he was on exceptional behavior. how did we get so lucky? 

we've slowly started making landon's play room a nursery by moving all of his cars out into an area of our upstairs loft. our desktop computer got a new location from the loft into our bedroom to make room for all of landon's toys and we're thinking about going to some shops this weekend to take a look at some wallpaper options for little girl's room. i've been pinning some fun stuff on pinterest (on a secret board, sorry) for the nursery and can't wait to actually nail down a design plan. i also can't wait to get my old dresser here and repainted, as well as some of my old toys from my dad's house to give to landon. 

i've started taking all of my medications/supplements and haven't noticed a huge change yet BUT i haven't been napping twice a day lately. so, i guess that's an improvement. i've also decided to give a no dairy diet a try. i'm hoping that it helps my eczema issues. i've started drinking almond milk (which isn't awful, just not as good as regular milk in my opinion), and have been reading labels on everything searching for milk products. i'll probably stick it out the whole month, to give my skin enough time to adjust and see if there are any improvements. if it's not dairy causing the issues, i'll try cutting out grain next (and i'm NOT looking forward to that). it's amazing how much stuff that i like to eat on a regular basis has dairy in it. i'm constantly reminding myself that i can't eat this, or can't eat that. oh well!

next month, landon turns two! i almost can't believe that we've got to spend the last 22-and-a-half months with him. it's been the best. i can't wait to have family and friends over to celebrate our little guy again. 

anyway, that's it, for now. i keep telling myself that i need to break out my "big camera" and start documenting our every day again. hopefully i'll do that soon. 

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