i made the mistake of chopping onions this morning. now, the smell of onions has permeated the house and is still stinging my eyes. it's quite annoying. but boy oh boy does it smell good in here. pot roast is probably one of the best smelling meals, ever. 

i picked up all of my vitamin supplements and my prescription for thyroid medication today. i'll start some tonight and some tomorrow. i'm really looking forward to getting some energy back, and i'm sure landon is too.

justin's parents came over last night after we told them the news that our little baby is a girl. they brought with them some cute little clothes. she's got her first pink outfit! i can't wait to go shopping for her, her room and everything else that comes with a new baby.

landon is obsessed with flash cards. i picked up three different sets at target a while ago in the dollar bin: u.s. animals, animals of the world, and space. he's particularly fond of the space set but really, he just wants to dump them all out on the floor and run his trucks over the top of them. silly boy.

in other landon news: he's got a big boy bed! we don't want him to feel any extra jealousy related to the new baby getting all of his old 'baby' things so we're slowly transitioning him out of all of those things. last weekend, we took the crib mattress he had been sleeping on and put it in the soon-to-be nursery. now he's got my old bed, with new sheets to boot! he looks so little sleeping in it and yet, like such a big boy. so far, he hasn't fallen out of it (fingers crossed!) and he's still sleeping through the night. 

the weather is playing tricks on us. the sun is out and shining and it looks like it's super nice out but as soon as you open the door, it's freezing. our noses turn red almost instantly and landon's little fingers feel like icicles. ripley's been enjoying the few days of no rain though, and being able to get away from landon for a little bit!

justin and i have watched a few movies recently. some good, some really bad. it seems like we go through a phase where we watch two bad movies, then see a couple good and we think we're on a roll so we rent another one, and it's bad. i guess we'll just have to stick to justified! (which, is my favorite show right now, by the way. BUT we don't have tv so i'm not current with this season so PLEASE OH PLEASE do not spoil it for me!)

don't you just love random posts like this? sometimes i just feel the need to empty my brain of all these random thoughts that are running through it and this seems to be the best way to do so. otherwise i'm waking up in the middle of the night to make notes in my phone and that just doesn't work, especially when all i really want to do is sleep.

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