02.21.13 | SUNRIVER

i took two photos last weekend. the one above, and one of landon asleep in the car. the latter didn't turn out so well. i took a lot of photos on justin's phone though! unfortunately, i don't have his phone with me nor have i stolen it recently and downloaded those pictures onto the computer. so, i'm left with this one. which, incidentally, i really do love. even if it shows my child watching cars toons on netflix and not doing something that stimulates his brain a little more. oh well. 

really though, that's besides the point. because what i want to talk about is how much i really do adore the small little resort area of sunriver, just outside of bend, oregon. it's basically a village resort. there's an actual resort/lodge there but the majority of it is vacation home rentals. and they're pretty much all awesome. 

we went there last weekend with justin's family and had a good 'ole time. it's quite the drive to get there from our house, about three-and-a-half hours (yuck!), and bend really isn't the most fun place to visit BUT sunriver is quite the catch. it's real close to mt. bachelor and multiple sno-parks and it's got a ton of fun things to do inside the village. like, shopping, bike trails, swim parks, year-round tubing and some other things. 

i really feel like sunriver is geared more for summertime fun but if snow sports are more your thing, sunriver is definitely the place to be. i can't wait to go back in the summer sometime and take advantage of the lazy river, bike trails and outdoor parks. and on this last trip we weren't able to take ripley but next time, he's definitely coming along. they've got a whole bunch of pet-friendly rentals, we just weren't able to book one this time. 

anyway, let's get back to what we did. we bbq'd on the back deck, broke a window (eep!), played with toddlers, swam, played in the snow, waited for a really long time at a restaurant (because, ya know, we don't plan all that well apparently c;), and spent time together as a family. and then on the way home, we (and by we, i mean only me, justin and landon) stopped in sisters, oregon for lunch at a pizza place (and it was goooood) and then made a quick little detour in at suttle lake resort (which, by the way, we're totally staying at sometime because it looks awesome). 

after two weekends in a row of going to the snow and driving a lot and not sleeping all that well, we're pretty darn happy we're staying around home this weekend. back to regular schedules and my birthday celebrations, yes! and sleeping in my own bed? yeah, it's been heaven for this pregnant gal. 

i'll post some other pics from j's phone
when i get the chance!

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