02.12.13 | MT. HOOD

oh man, last weekend was fun. so much so that i still feel like i'm catching up energy-wise. and i didn't even do all that much! it was just one of those trips where driving there and back really did me in, ya know? plus, our bed was just plain horrible. like, super hard (think, springs in your back) and super noisy. it was THE worst. but i digress.

other than the bed, our weekend was super. we left early afternoon on friday to head up there and it was a good thing we did because we hit some pretty awful traffic near portland (still not quite sure what caused the whole back-up). landon decided he was going to try and stay awake the entire drive, and only fell asleep for his nap 20 minutes before we arrived at our destination. luckily we were able to make a quick pitstop at fred meyer's and he slept through that so he got a little bit longer of a nap. 

friday night consisted of staying in and making a big 'ole dinner of spaghetti (of which we had so many leftovers we had to throw them away :c), catching up with family and going to bed early(ish). saturday morning we all got up, a little slowly, had breakfast and headed to a nearby snow park for landon to play around in. it's too bad the weather wasn't ideal for playing in the snow but we stuck it out for a good 45 minutes. we had a good time watching my brother tackle my sister every chance he got, ripley running all over the place chasing snowballs and seeing landon in his snowsuit (too cute!). the rest of the day was spent relaxing at the cabin for us while my brother, sister and her boyfriend decided to hit the slopes for a little bit despite the weather. and then later that night, after dinner, we pulled out the games. uno, pictionary and clue. we played clue three times, i think? and boy, were we laughing the entire time. games with them is probably one of my favorite things to do. 

and before we knew it, it was time to eat breakfast one last time and pack everything back up. we tried to go to the lodge on sunday because the weather was PERFECT but chains were required and wouldn't you know, justin forgot to pack our chains. and since we're sissies when it comes to driving in the snow and didn't want to risk getting stuck, we just decided to head for home. which probably ended up being a good thing since landon was overly tired. so much so, that when we did get home, he napped for four hours. CRAZY.  

we had such a good time, i think it's gonna have to be a yearly trip.

*last four pics taken by my sister,
of which i begged for and put them on instagram.
because i'm awesome like that and didn't take any myself.

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