02.03.13 | THIS WEEKEND

reading all by himself.

during the week, if landon isn't awake before justin goes to work, we're stuck at home without a car. and with the weather being particularly chilly this time of year, going for walks or playing in the backyard isn't really high on our list of things to do. so by friday, both landon and i are itching to get out of the house. 

with justin being on call this weekend, we're pretty much stuck in our house. sure, we could leave if we really wanted to, but who wants to get a toddler ready to go out just to potentially turn back around as soon as we get to the end of the street because justin got a call? it can make for a pretty restless weekend, that's for sure. 

we've been cleaning the house, playing with dried pasta shapes, pushing the same button over and over on our new trucks (ugh...), watching some classic disney movies, searching our pantry and freezer to make meals that will last us until tuesday, and having multiple tickle fights (one-sided, of course). 

we're gonna try to get out of the house for a teeny, tiny bit today to watch the super bowl at justin's parent's house. wish us luck!

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  1. we're in the same boat! One car - and by Thursday we're always losing our minds!! haha


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