01.11.13 | THIS WEEKEND

justin and i have decided to go away for the weekend. a couple of nights, just us two, in the city of portland. we tried really hard to make it work for us to actually go somewhere. you know, the kind of getaway where you hop on a plane and cross state borders and relax in a resort some place glorious. alas, we couldn't justify the expense. so instead, we're hopping in our car and driving the hour-and-a-half to portland. we splurged a teeny-tiny bit on what looks to be a beautiful, relaxing hotel right downtown and we have reservations for a nice dinner as well. 

i'm looking forward to spending some time alone with my husband. and even though i'll miss my boy something fierce, this will probably be the last time that we'll be able to spend any time alone for quite some time. especially with a new baby coming in july and everything that comes along with that. 

and wouldn't you know, in addition to my normal nauseous lifestyle that i'm apparently going to have to get used to for what seems like forever, it looks as if i'm coming down with a tad of a cold. stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat. yuck. so naturally, i'm filling my body up with warm honey water (which i hate) and trying to rest (as much as i can with a toddler running around). i can only hope that by tomorrow, i'll feel back to my normal nauseous self, or better yet, be nausea-free. 

*i feel obliged to thank natalie for showing me
where i can watch ALL THREE seasons 
of downton abbey for free. because really, i'm in love.

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