01.15.13 | OUR GETAWAY

saturday morning, we packed up, dropped landon off with his grandparents and hit the road. we were headed to portland for our little getaway. and it was glorious.

our first stop was for a quick lunch. we decided on laurelhurst market after a little bit of driving around and happening upon it. me being pregnant, it probably wasn't the best choice. during the day, laurelhurst market is just that, a market. they have a little deli/meat counter where they also make fresh sandwiches. and while you're pregnant you can't eat deli meat. boo! luckily, there was a chicken & andouille sausage soup for that day so i could at least get something. that didn't stop me from drooling over justin's yummy looking sandwich. next time, we'll come back for dinner. 

after lunch, we drove around downtown a little more, headed towards the pearl district and stopped in at the peculiarium. only because we just happened to find it (without looking for it) and because it was free. aaaaand because justin wanted to. it's pretty weird. since that only took ten minutes to walk through, we headed for our hotel. 

we decided to stay at the nines. it was right downtown, which is exactly what we wanted. we didn't want to have to drive everywhere and pay to park. so this was perfect. everything about the hotel seemed very modern but comfortable. and although we really enjoyed our stay there, it wasn't our favorite hotel we've stayed at (we're partial to the heathman). one of the best things about the hotel: the in-room dining and the valet. we decided to get some dessert one night and then some late-night snacks another night and it was goooood. and the valet? even though it was $40 a day, it was unlimited in&out and the valets were sooo nice and considerate. i'm always impressed by how personable valets are. and another good thing about the hotel: visiting teams in the nba stay there, apparently. justin got to see a few players from the oklahoma city thunder, including russell westbrook. unfortunately he didn't have his phone with him to get any pictures and he was in too much shock to ask for an autograph or anything. so, he just tried not to stare. c;

we spent a lot of our time walking. walking to pioneer place mall, to breakfast and dinner(s), to the portland art museum. it felt good to walk, other than the fact that it was below freezing most of the time and i forgot my beanie and gloves. and my coat i brought didn't have pockets. so we made a quick stop in at columbia to get a really warm beanie for me and i made my coat sleeves a make-shift muff. 

breakfast (more like brunch) was had at mother's bistro & bar on sunday. can i just say yum?! we both got the biscuit breakfast and it was super tasty. we ate dinner at jake's grill one night and qdoba grill (a quick, cheap choice) another. 

on sunday, we spent about three hours at the portland art museum. justin had never been to an art museum before and we really enjoyed exploring all four levels of both buildings. maybe it's because i'm not very artistic myself but some of the "art" in there didn't really seem like art at all. more like kindergarten crafts. c;

and then yesterday, we made a quick stop into powell's city of books (my favorite bookstore, ever), lunch at henry's (another favorite) and then drove in the other direction to pick up a crib at ikea. one more starbucks stop to fuel the drive home and we were on our way to pick up landon, finally. 

we really enjoyed our time together and not being on a schedule. it was just what we needed. 

sorry for the lack of pictures lately.
i didn't take any this trip and haven't even touched 
my actual camera in weeks. oh well!

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