you were quite the year, 2012. you brought landon's first birthday, family visits to the coast, a special trip for me and justin to vegas, a quick stop in at the zoo, snow in february, march and december for landon and ripley to play in, cutting back to a one-car family, meal-planning on a monthly basis, a weekend away with friends in cannon beach, paint on our dining room walls along with some other minor home improvements, getting rid of satellite tv and most importantly, justin's new job allowing him to get his LPC and with it, a raise that entitled me to stay home with landon on a daily basis. 

yes, you were good to us 2012. you brought us closer as a family by turning off the television, you helped us eat healthier and smarter. we learned how to become very budget-oriented, took long walks as a family in the warmer months and had our first summer of swim lessons. 

we had visits by lots of different family, friends had babies and others got engaged, landon developed a love of all things dr. seuss, bubbles and flashlights. landon saw his first fireworks and finally got to sit in his carseat forward-facing. ripley was allowed to no longer sleep in his crate overnight and instead got free roam of the house. 

but really, one of the greatest things you gave us 2012, was the knowledge that we are going to be parents to two little ones. we had a great run together, we did. we're just really excited to get to know 2013 a little better and see what he has in store for us. 

and now, some of my favorite pics of 2012.
2012 in review
sorry for the quality of my collage.
i had technical difficulties.
and i almost threw my phone at my computer.


  1. so sweet :)
    ps - you really should come to work and tell everyone....i'm dying over here! :)

  2. awesome!!!! so excited for you guys, Lacey!! And for big brother Landon!


thanks for the input!