01.31.13 | RECENTLY

a fun friday treat - donuts at cork's

the past couple of days have been nightmarish. me not feeling well in addition to regular pregnancy uncomfortableness and nausea paired with landon being extra defiant and disobedient, as well as our dog knowing exactly when i am at my wit's end and deciding to whine/bark throughout the night, and to top it all off landon sleeping terribly on tuesday night, i am just plain exhausted. 

i usually wake to use the bathroom no less than three times a night and have somewhat of a difficult time falling back to sleep but on nights when my husband accidentally wakes me up looking for tylenol in my nightstand because he thinks he sprained his ankle and landon wakes up a handful of times and doesn't go back to sleep without crying (a high-pitched, fake whining that goes on forEVER), it's an equation for almost no sleep at all. 

why are they called terrible two's anyway? landon's totally acting out and pushing his boundaries and getting put in time out multiple times a day, just to go right back to doing what got him put in time out to begin with. maybe it's just me being pregnant and tired and not feeling well and i'm just extra cranky that i'm noticing it more (or at least thinking he's being more disobedient when really, he's not)? whatever the reason, i'm ready for it to end. and he's not even two yet. this has the potential to be a long, loooong, year for me. 

how about i just remind myself of the sweet, caring, tender little boy that pats my cheeks when i ask him to be gentle? or the funny, giggly boy that gets the hiccups almost every time he gets tickled? or the super smart kid that knows all of his farm animals when i ask him to show them to me on his puzzle (or numbers or letters - almost)? yeah, those are what i need to remember. not the tantrum-throwing, hitting, screaming one. besides, it'll be gone before i know it and i'll be wishing he was almost two again. oh, the joys of motherhood.

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  1. hang in there sister.....the hard work pays off in the long run :) call me if you need a break...we'd be HAPPY to have a play date at our house so you can rest!


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