first off, i apologize for not being the best blogger as of late. any little bit of spare time i have is usually spent napping because, ya know, being pregnant is an energy-sucker. just don't give up on me yet, i'm still here, and i plan on being back to normal (blogging-wise) soon. 

a few things i've been thinking about lately:

//i am completely obsessed with downton abbey. how have i waited this long before i started watching it?! i started season one a couple of weeks ago after i noticed it on netflix and finished it within a few days. and then my heart broke because netflix only has season one online!! luckily, lifesaver natalie shared a link on her blog where you can watch all three seasons FOR FREE. naturally, i immediately went to the site and started watching season two and can i say how incredibly awesome it is to finally be on season three? i've only watched an episode or two (i can't remember; they all meld together when you watch them as often as i do) of this season but i'm loving it just the same. i think i would have done just fine living in the early 1900's as a lady. c;

//i've started eating pop tarts again. that was just plain silly of me to give them up. better moderation is definitely in order but to not eat them at all is not possible. i had some chocolate chip ones tonight and yum. 

//dry shampoo has become my best friend. like, for real. when we went to portland i didn't wash my hair AT ALL. it was glorious. and then when we got home i still didn't wash it for another two days. that's five days people, FIVE DAYS of not getting my hair wet or blow drying it or straightening it or doing anything else to it but spray some stuff in it and comb it out. why have i not heard of this before a few months ago?! seriously, it cuts at least 30 minutes out of my routine. 

//i'm pretty sure i felt the baby kick last week. i can't be positive but almost. i haven't felt it since but i think that's because i'm not eating dessert or late-night snacks right before bed. and when i do actually lay down, i sleep. because really, who has the time (or energy) to lay there waiting for baby to move? not me. also, i'm already wearing maternity clothes. yeah.

//i have finally gotten justin to watch justified with me!! i got season one for a gift this year at christmas and i convinced him to watch at least one episode with me. well folks, i think it's safe to say that he's hooked now. and i'm so happy!! 

//landon has been going to sleep on his own now. like, full-on, staying in his bed after justin or i leave the room (crying, of course) and falling asleep. all by himself. he's such a big boy now that it makes me sad thinking about how he's going to be getting an actual big boy bed soon and not sleeping on his little crib mattress. and then that makes me think that he really IS a big boy, in comparison to the little one inside my belly (that he's been patting ever so gently lately). and then i'm happy again. 

i think that's all the thoughts that were running through my head in the last hour. so there you have it! g'night.

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