i've had it. i've killed something like five spiders in the last two days and then thursday night while scouring pinterest another one crawled over my laptop. and then, when i moved to turn on a light and grab a tissue to kill it, it disappeared. so obviously, i got rid of the blanket i was using, danced around my living room hoping that if it was on me it would fall off, wiped the entire couch with tissues and still nothing. so, i sat there on the couch just waiting for it to rear it's ugly little body. gross.

i generally like fall weather. but when the rains start to come more frequently and force gross spiders into my house, that's when i lose my cool.

did i tell you about the time justin found a massive spider in one of our fruit/veggie dishes on the counter? well, he did. and it was apparently stuck. so he stabbed it with a knife, dead. i'm so happy he was the one to find it, not me. because let me tell you, i can kill a little itty bitty tiny spider just fine. but if it's body is bigger than a pencil eraser, no way (and that's a stretch). and this one? well, this one was much, much bigger than a pencil eraser. 

in other news: i'm so happy it's the weekend. rest & relaxation, here we come. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so full on about the spiders! Ah! I would not be able to sit comfortably knowing they're in the room, either. Anyway ... hi. I just clicked over here for the first time from katie's pencil box. Kellie xx

    1. well hi to you too miss kellie! thanks for stopping by! c:


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