playing cars at auntie and uncle's

i'm home after watching a very disappointing oregon football loss at my sister's house (seriously disappointing. it's just so unlike them to lose!) and my boys are upstairs. one of them is supposed to be putting the other to sleep but i'll bet they're both up there asleep. c;

this week was filled with stuff. i felt like we were busy all week long. and even when we weren't actually busy doing stuff, i felt like we were still busy. it seemed like the week dragged on and on, too. probably in anticipation of knowing justin is off work all next week! but this coming week is also going to be busy. we're planning on dinner with my grandma one night, a quick trip up to portland for some shopping at h&m (my favorite store) and ikea (another favorite), possibly dinner with my dad, lots of family time, finishing up painting the dining room, maybe watching a movie, THANKSGIVING!!, and sleeping in (for me). if you can't tell, we're pretty excited about it. 

have a lovely rest of your weekend. i know we will!

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