"this year for halloween, we didn't do much. we visited daddy, grandma dorothy and grandpa donny at work, had some visitors over at the house for a bit during the day to play cars with me, and mama made homemade pizzas for dinner. then came the best part: we handed out candy! it was so much fun to see all the different kids come to our house! i went to the door with mama everytime and just stared at them and then waved as they walked away. we had 21 kids come and get candy from us! there were these older kids that came and as soon as we opened the door, they started singing 'baby, baby, baby' by justin bieber AND they had justin bieber with them! it was really funny. ripley did a good job last night too. he was on his leash so daddy could grab him when people rang the doorbell but he didn't bark at people at all when the door was opened; only when he went out in the back yard. also, i had a lot of fun pulling on ripley's leash and chasing him around. 

isn't my costume really cute? mama made it for me. she even made me a beard but i refused to put it on. she's lucky i wore the hat even. everyone i visited with today sure seemed to think i was cute. oh! before i forget: daddy carved some pretty cool pumpkins too. there's a panda, the lorax and another one that just has a funny face. daddy was really happy when people recognized what the lorax was. 

anyway, hope you had a really good halloween too!

love, landon"

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