november is a month for thankfulness. it also happens to be my favorite month. it's filled with leaves changing colors, drizzly mornings that last well into the afternoon, the beginnings of thunderstorms and especially gloomy-looking clouds, families gathered around a turkey-filled table with all the trimmings, game nights and at the very end, getting the house ready for christmas. it really is such a great month. 

and there are so many things to be grateful for:
-food on the table and a roof over our heads
-clothes to keep us warm
-my wonderful little family who bring so much joy into my life
-and the rest of my family as well
-a stable job that justin enjoys going to every day
-a dog who still acts like a little puppy most days
-grandparents who are always willing to watch landon when needed
-a healthy little boy who is growing and growing and getting smarter and smarter every day and who gives me kisses all day long
-a place for me to share that little boy with all of you, here c;

and some silly little things:
-friends on dvd
-a sister and basically-brother-in-law that let us watch football at their house and basketball using their account online
-target & etsy
-dinosaur train, cars and merry madagascar for landon when i need to get something done
-nutella, apples & cheese, tator tot casserole, and taco fridays (not all together)
-dry shampoo
-cozy fires

i'm so happy thanksgiving is only two days away. it really is my favorite holiday. c:

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