my dear landon,

you are almost 19-months-old. boy, has the time flown by. it's almost unbelievable. you are doing so many new things, almost every day. you are constantly surprising me and daddy with how smart you are, and also how sneaky and mischievous you can be at times. it's quite adorable. 

today we finally went to your 18-month doctor appointment. you now weigh 25.6 pounds and are 34 inches tall. that's almost three feet! it also means you are between the 90-95th percentile in height. that makes daddy really happy. c: another thing i should mention is you got a few shots today, including your flu shot. you took it like a champ. yes, you screamed at first, but only for about 30 seconds and then you ripped those band-aids right off and held your arms out to the nurse. seriously, a champ. and you know what else? we went out to dinner after and you were on your best behavior. daddy and i looked at each other at the end of dinner and said to each other how great you were doing. usually, we feel like pulling our hair out by the end of a dinner out but tonight? tonight was perfection. and then we went to michael's (daddy's least favorite store, ever!) and you were great there, too. no fussing or crying or trying to get out of the cart. and then when it was time to leave, there was no fussing about having to get in your carseat and the entire ride home, you just looked out the window. we almost thought you had fallen asleep!

seriously though, it amazes me all of the new things you are doing. just recently, you started saying "no" on a regular basis. and you aren't just saying it to say it, you're using it correctly. and you're also saying "ya". it's probably the cutest thing ever. you've also discovered m&m's. you can't get enough of them. in addition to m&m's, you've decided to become a little more picky with your food choices. that makes mealtimes a little difficult. and then there's lining up your cars, over and over and over again, or stacking your blocks, or pushing your cars over and over and over again, or bringing me or daddy your blocks and a book, more specifically, "does a kangaroo have a mother, too?" and having us build you a ramp for us to push cars back and forth and back and forth on over and over again. and not to mention all of the books we read, many times a day. oh! and cartoons. but really, the only cartoon you'll actually watch is "cars". you looove it. 

and to top it all off, you give us kisses all day long. and hugs. and eskimo kisses! and you've started blowing kisses. i can't get enough of it. and i like to think you can't get enough of it either. 

we love you mister. so, so much.
love, your mama (and daddy)


  1. i think this is my favorite picture of all time :) so cute, his little lip :)

  2. so sweet :)



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