his favorite thing to do is line up his cars.

getting pregnant and having a child is the easy part. it's the parenting that's really difficult. 

i'm not talking about diaper changes or long nights or fussy babies, i'm talking about the real hard stuff: discipline, teaching right from wrong, instilling good eating habits, making them do something they don't want to do like turn off the tv, watching them get frustrated when they can't figure out how to do something on their own, learning how to deal with tantrum-throwing behavior. 

and as difficult as parenting is, it's also the most rewarding. everything is made better by little hugs and kisses, seeing them work so hard at something and finally get it, watching them pick up on new things every single day, doing something together as a family for the first time, or something as simple as eating a meal together and your toddler decides that now it's time to start using his fork and spoon on a regular basis (and food is actually getting into his mouth and not on the floor!). 

being a mama is the hardest work/best feeling in the entire world. and i couldn't be happier to be landon's mama. 

edit: i realized after writing this post that there is the possibility that i might offend someone. i realize that for some people, getting pregnant and having a child are not easy; a lot of parents struggle to conceive and/or have a difficult birth. in no way did i write this post with the intentions of hurting someone else's feelings. if i did, i am terribly sorry for that. thanks for listening. 

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