a sink full of lettuce? yep, that's what i did today.

let me start out this post by telling you how susie-homemaker i've been today. it's like i'm pregnant and in that nesting mode (that i totally missed out on while pregnant with landon) but really, it's probably due to the fact that we got rid of our satellite tv service. and maybe a little bit to do with how i went to my local ymca for the first time yesterday to actually work out. and i've been eating better, too.

today just seems like a good day. i got up early enough to take justin to work so i could have the car (being a one-car family has it's perks, but it certainly has it's downs too) even though i had to wake landon up to do it, was able to shower while landon played with his toys in the bathroom with me, went shopping for fresh produce. you know, all those things that someone should do in a typical day but for me, it wasn't very typical. heck, it's a good day when i'm able to shower before justin comes home from work! but that's besides the point. 

and even though my toddler decided to fall asleep in the car on the way home and not stay asleep when i took him out of the car to put him down in his bed and refused to go back to sleep so he only got a 20 minute nap today and is pretty cranky and not really wanting to do anything but watch some pre-recorded bubble guppies, today is still a good day. 

in fact, it's such a good day that i'm not even upset that i'm having another little flare-up of my eczema. even though it's completely my fault for not wearing gloves while washing, chopping and storing all of those lovely green i bought today. but i'm okay with that. and you know why? because today is my anniversary. yep, that's right folks, eight years ago today justin and i decided to make it official. (i know, it's not my wedding anniversary but i like to celebrate our dating anniversary and wedding anniversary so sue me!) and to celebrate, we've leaving our little guy with justin's parents so we can have a little date-night at the movies. and as hard as that's going to be for me, i know i'm going to enjoy myself. 

*we're going to be eating A LOT of salads.

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