landon showing me buttons on his jammies a week or so ago.

waking up this morning was hard. and not just for me, but for ripley too. landon, on the other hand, had no problem waking up. unfortunately, it was after justin had already left for work so that meant me and the two boys were stuck here at home, again, for the fourth time this week. so what did we do to make the morning a little better? we came downstairs, turned on the fire and ate breakfast together, on the couch, cozied up under a blanket.

nutella on bread with bananas makes everything better, right? usually, landon gets something a little healthier, especially for breakfast, but this morning i just didn't feel like spending those few extra minutes making something. i wanted something simple that i could whip up real quick so i could snuggle with my little guy. 

and you know what else i decided to do to get out of a funk that i seem to be in, for no apparent reason? grab that little boy of mine, share a blanket on the couch with the fire still a-blazin' and turn on cars. because really, what's better than getting to hold your squirmy, wiggly, toddler for about an hour? not much. 

have a happy weekend! 

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