last weekend was glorious, despite the rainy, gloomy weather. friday was spent the usual way - at home, making tacos. on saturday we invited ourselves over to my sister's house to watch the u of o football game and eat pizza and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home. saturday night while justin was putting landon to bed, i kept thinking to myself how i wanted to do something fun on sunday. get out of the house, together as a family. and so you know what we did? we got up early sunday morning and decided to head to a nearby pumpkin patch/harvest festival, even if it was raining. we had to make a stop at target to find me a pair of rain boots and then a quick stop at the grocery store to get some treats and cash and we were out! 

landon really seemed to enjoy himself. he loved walking in the mud, pointing at all the different pumpkins and attempting to pick them up, seeing the tractor drive by. seeing a couple little baby cows were just icing on the cake. (he didn't really care for the grain box so much, he really didn't want to sit in it.)

the rest of sunday was spent taking a long nap, a quick trip to walmart to get some thread to finish landon's halloween costume which, by the way, he refuses to wear his hat or his beard so apparently a lawn gnome was a bad idea. c;


  1. He looks SO much like Justin in those pics! Where'd you find Landon's boots? I've had the hardest time finding some for Zeek in his size! And, I'm jealous that Landon will wear hats for you. Zeek freaks out if anything is touching his head. Darnit. Hats are so stinking cute. :)

    1. in case you didn't get my text: we got landon's boots at coastal farm. they've got all sorts!


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