photo from this summer, at the art & air festival in town.

i haven't done a weekly links post in quite some time, and there's so much stuff that i can't wait to share! 

isn't this necklace adorable? 

i just love james' "bits + pieces" posts. check out this week's pictures.

not only are her photos great, but she makes them into iphone cases. i'll take this one, please.

i am totally going to be making a garland like this for christmas-time.

wouldn't these look too cute on landon? 

and all of these stella mccartney kids looks are gorgeous.

have you guys checked out the small fry blog yet? it's a great children's lifestyle blog, filled with great ideas for kids. check out this post on popular blogger's favorite books. 

naomi's got a great giveaway on her blog this week.

need a new blog to read? well, i stumbled upon dosfamily and although i haven't actually dived into it yet, i'm really excited to!

aren't these summer beach paintings by philip barlow gorgeous?

i really love this little table from urban outfitters. especially the turquoise.

aren't these the cutest little cupcakes?

did you see lissa had her second little guy? he's too cute. 

and jasmine had her daughter. it's a great year for babies.

kelle sure knows how to throw a party

and natalie sure knows how to usher her baby into the age of two. 

seriously, bloggers know how to throw the best parties!

mandy, she's the best. especially when she writes something like this, which speaks directly to me. seriously, if i could meet her, i'd probably kiss her. c; 

and danielle, she's also the best. i love when the blogs i follow feel the same way about important issues like i do.

isn't my nephew the cutest?!

okay, that's enough for now. have a great rest of your weekend! 

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