landon, at 18 months, loves food. he'll eat practically anything you put in front of him. that is, anything except for beets. and i don't blame him there. his favorites right now? well, he's particularly fond of bread, fruits of all kinds (especially raspberries), waffles, pulled  bbq chicken, fish, anything i have on my plate, broccoli, pizza, cheese, tomatoes. he also won't say no to ice cream, cake, cookies or brownies. but who would, really?

landon, at 18 months, is obsessed with cars. and trucks. he'll spend all day playing with his cars/trucks if you let him. and any kind too. he's got push cars, he's got cars you pull back and let go and he especially loves those hot wheels.

landon, at 18 months, still isn't really saying much. he hasn't stopped saying those few words that he knows (balloon, moo, ball, dada) but that's about it. 

landon, at 18 months, has basically all of his teeth. and he doesn't really care for brushing them. in fact, he likes to fight us on it and brush them himself, which really isn't brushing.

landon, at 18 months, really needs another hair cut. this kid's hair grows too darn fast!

landon, at 18 months, is basically running. everywhere. and he sure looks cute while doing so.

landon, at 18 months, still doesn't sleep through the night on a regular basis. 

landon, at 18 months, gets a little sad sometimes when people are leaving. not so much when it's me or justin leaving but more particularly when grandparents come over and leave. 

landon, at 18 months, like to play with other kids at the library. he doesn't care to look for books with me or even read a book when i find one, he just wants to play. 

landon, at 18 months, has mastered the art of tantrum-throwing. especially in restaurants. 

landon, at 18 months, still loves to play in ripley's water dish. and he's still getting in trouble for it. 

landon, at 18 months, has started time-outs. he hasn't quite figured out that he is to stand in the corner so we have to stand behind him but he'll get there. 

landon, at 18 months, is getting better at letting me wipe his hands and face off after meals. and really, he'll only let me do it if i count his fingers while i'm wiping them. 

landon, at 18 months, has a favorite movie. and it's cars.

landon, at 18 months, has been waking up with a dry diaper! i'm hoping it's a sign of easy potty-training. 

landon, at 18 months, is basically wearing 24-month clothing. 

landon, at 18 months, is full of energy, always giggling, loves making others laugh, enjoys being chased and chasing ripley, can't spend enough time outdoors, loves helping in the kitchen, keeps me and his daddy on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way.

we love you, our little boy. 

*picures of landon eating his first whoopie pie
on his half-birthday.

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