it's been a while, not just for this series but for posting in general. my days have been filled with playing with the best little boy a mama could ask for, watching 'cars' more times than i can count, being more productive in the housewife category and sitting in front of the fire. so, sorry. 

i've talked about landon's sleeping habits before and really, not much has changed. he's still struggling to fall asleep, still sharing our bed halfway through the night, still cuddling, and still waking up next to me, happy as can be. and as much as i love cuddling him through the night and seeing his smiling face first thing in the morning, the lack of sleep i'm getting is slowly but surely catching up to me. 

and lately, well, he's been having an especially difficult time falling asleep. we're talking, full on fighting going down. whether it's a nap or bedtime, he seems to be completely against it. and that is taking it's toll on me and justin. maybe it's just a phase he's going through (please, oh please, just let it be a phase) and this time next week he'll be back to falling asleep faster. or maybe not. and if it's not a phase, then we definitely need to figure out some other way on getting him to sleep. 

now that his crib mattress is on the floor in his room, he knows what it's for. he knows when it's time for bed, he knows when to lay down. he just doesn't want to or, he just can't get comfortable and does barrel rolls, over and over and over again. and he really, really, doesn't like it when we leave him in there to try and figure it out on his own, and i just can't bear to listen to him scream and cry.

so, who knows how long this is going to go on for. and to be honest, i'm not completely ready for him to be a big boy and sleep in his own bed all night long (which he will do on occasion) but i know that he needs to grow up some time (and so do i). 

as for now, i'll go back to holding my little guy and getting kisses upon kisses. because that's the best, especially when you're tired. c;


  1. Dude, it's a phase! I swear! Zeek did that right around 15-16 months and it lasted almost two months, but now he is sleeping EASILY and peacefully through the night, a consistent 12 hrs. At bedtime, we read books, tuck him him, give him his stuffed dogs, pray, give kisses, say goodnight and close the door and he falls asleep without a peep. I swear it'll get better and go away. I was right there with you. I was almost crying myself to sleep at night too! lol

  2. This isn't a phase, it's a learned behavior. Clearly, not being taught to sleep on his own is having a longer-lasting effect on him than what may have originally been thought. I understand that it's difficult, but for Landon's best interest it would seem that taking the time to teach him to sleep on his own at night--to get real restful sleep--would greatly benefit Landon, as well as you and your husband. It's never too late to teach him--and it is a behavior he must learn--but the longer you wait, the harder and longer it will take for him to learn.


thanks for the input!