10.14.12 | A RAINY WEEKEND

we spent the majority of our weekend indoors, mainly due to the rain and the fact that justin is on-call. that didn't stop us from having a grand 'ole time though! and since i'm laying in bed listening to the rain fall on our roof and splatter against our bedroom windows, i thought i'd share.

i may have mentioned here on this blog before that we do meal-planning in our house. it's an easy way for me(us) to know what we're going to be having that night for dinner, instead of trying to think something up a few hours before. and since we are living on one paycheck now and justin only gets paid once a month, we really need to be mindful of where our money is going and groceries happen to be a big chunk of that. so, once a month, usually right before justin gets paid, we try and sit down and work out our meal plan for the month. sometimes we follow it pretty spot-on and other times not so much. this month though we're trying really, really hard to be diligent with it. especially now that we are trying to eat healthier, smaller portions and work out. grabbing a quick bite of fast food doesn't fit into the equation quite so much anymore. so, instead of writing out our meal plan on a paper calendar, which usually gets stuff piled on top of it and we end up making our meals from memory, this month i decided to just put it all on my calendar in the computer and then have the pushed to my phone using iCloud. (can i just say how much i love the cloud? because i really do.) anyway, it's worked wonders for us. seriously, we've followed our plan to a t, minus the one meal out that my dad took us to (luckily for us that was a leftover day anyway!), and i'm really proud of us. all of that to say that friday's for us are now taco friday's. so, friday we had taco's. and then spent the rest of the evening after justin got home from a call, together as a family. 

saturday was started bright and early as it was the mcc (mennonite central committee) fall festival here in linn county. i used to go every year when i was younger and lately, i hadn't been in a few years. i was so disappointed the last couple of years when i wasn't able to make it and so when i saw my friend post about it on facebook a few weeks ago, i immediately penciled it in and asked justin if he could find someone else to cover his saturday shift. so, we got there right when they opened (which worked out great for us!) and had ourselves a yummy breakfast with my dad. the rest of the morning was spent letting landon run himself silly through a hay bale maze that was set up, buying a couple of whoopie pies, perusing the beautifully made quilts up for auction, and seeing lots of people that i haven't seen in a while. i seriously love that community.

saturday also happened to be justin's grandma's birthday so that afternoon we spent some time at justin's parent's house celebrating with her and the rest of the family. we got to see jackson (who we haven't seen in forever!) and stare in amazement at him and how much he has grown and all of the new things he is doing. seriously, that kid's a sweetie. 

after the birthday party, we came home and celebrated landon's half birthday just the four of us. well, ripley didn't really take part in it but i like to include him nonetheless. anyway, we decided a while ago that we wanted to celebrate landon's half-birthday every year from now on (since we didn't even think about it at his six-month mark) in a small way. just another little family tradition to start up that i think he'll enjoy. we bought a couple of whoopie pies at the mcc fall festival earlier that day specifically for this occasion. we let landon have one with a candle on it and we sang 'happy half-birthday to you' to him and let him blow the candle out. as soon as that candle was off, he basically inhaled that thing. seriously. it was devoured so quickly. he's a kid after my own heart, let me tell ya. 

and today? today was spent laying around in our pj's until after noon, watching toy story 3, reading a lot of books, playing with cars and stackadoo's and making cookies together as a family. and now that justin's on a hospital call and landon's asleep in his room, it's the perfect time for me to catch up on some tv shows i've been missing. 'night!

*pictures of landon eating his whoopie pie to come.

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