after seeing this garland last year on liz's blog "say yes to hoboken", i knew i had to make it. and so i did. (and i don't have pictures to prove it, sorry.) i also knew that i just had to make a felt garland for almost every typical holiday (or month) because i loved the way the hearts looked on my mantle. unfortunately, i never got around to doing another one until now (mainly because i thought the hearts were too cute to take down. my husband disagrees). 

you need:
black felt
orange felt
quilt batting
a stencil
scissors (or exacto knife)
black thread
orange yarn

step 01. find your stencil/outline that you want to use for your bat. i liked the look of this one. i used wax paper and traced the outline of the bat from my computer screen, since i don't have any ink in my printer. then i cut out the shape of the bat. 

step 02: place your stencil on a piece of black felt and trace around it with your chalk. cut out your first bat. 

step 03: place your bat on another piece of black felt and pin the two pieces together using either pins or needles. (this keeps the pieces together while you are trying to cut the felt, which can be kind of tricky.) cut out your bat. repeat this step until you have enough bats for your garland. i used six bats. make sure to cut out double the amount of bats (one for the front and one for the back).

step 04: after all of your bat pieces are cut, put two pieces together to start forming your bat. thread your needle and start hand-sewing. (you could also use a sewing machine but since i don't have one nor do i know how to use one, i like to hand-sew.)

step 05: notice in the picture above, i only sewed the top of the bat together to begin with. that way, i could fill the bat with quilt batting. after you have the top sewn together, cut little strips of your quilt batting (i did about .5in wide and 1.5in long) and stuff a few in at a time. when you get the bat to the thickness of your liking, finish sewing it together. tie off the ends. repeat that with all bats.

step 06: after all of your bats are filled and sewn, it's time to start stringing them together. i chose to use orange yarn because i like the combination of orange and black together for halloween. it's a classic look. take your needle and yarn and thread the orange yarn through one point of the bat's wing to another point. (it's important to thread the yarn between the two pieces of felt and in between the thread. otherwise, the yarn won't come through.)

step 07: after you have all of your bats on the yarn, get out your black thread again. you need to sew down that orange yarn behind the bat (unless you like the look of the thread above the bat's head) so you don't see it. 

step 08: hang your garland on your mantle, your front door, wherever you like. 

optional: i chose to also make the word "boo" out of felt and fill it with quilt batting. i used the same concept as i did for the bats, but i hand-drew the letters out with chalk. make sure to sew the inside of the letters first, that way you can stuff it easier. then thread it onto the yarn the same way as the bats. 

have fun!

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  1. Good job for starting your Halloween decorations early! so far we have made a spider!


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