09.29.12 | THE END OF SUMMER

gosh, we sure had a lovely time last weekend in cannon beach with our friends, stu and kitty. we've never been at this time of year and especially never when the weather was as gorgeous as it was. we arrived late afternoon on friday, with a boy that was tired of being in his carseat (and hungry, to boot). so, we unloaded all of our stuff, through it in one of the rooms upstairs and took a quick look around, and then decided that we needed to eat. and where else do you eat but the lumberyard? oh golly, i love that place. justin got the prime rib, i had a salad, and landon got some yummy chicken tenders. we also got a side order of cornbread to split and then for dessert, s'mores skillet. yum! also, landon learned how to dip his french fries in ketchup that night. too cute for words (and unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures or video). 

after dinner we headed back to the house and got all bundled up in oregon coast attire (read: coats, sweaters, pants, beanies). it was a little chilly, but gorgeous. just gorgeous. landon got put down in the sand without any shoes on for the first time in his little life and let me tell you, he sure didn't like it at first. 

not long after we got back, stu and kitty arrived and the real fun began! landon had the best time throwing a ball for one of their dogs and terrorizing the other. 

saturday was spent with more time at the beach, building a sandcastle, playing in the water, throwing a ball for the dog (over and over and over!), meals in the house (thanks for the yummy taco's, kitty!), a walk into town for a stop at the dog store, candy store (again, thanks guys for introducing me to the best candy shop), grocery store, and christmas store (where we got our ornament for this year!), playing the office trivia game and just relaxing. 

more relaxing was in store for sunday, with another trip to the beach, including a walk down to haystack rock, lunch, and then a parting of ways, as stu and kitty had to head back to portland and we had to make the long drive back home. we did stop in seaside though so i could finally get me a replacement pair of krocs and justin could get a few workout shirts at the nike outlet store. and this time, we didn't drive down along the coast to get home, we headed into portland, stopped at washington square so landon could stretch his legs and walk a bit and then drove back home. 

it was such a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled weekend. just what we needed to usher in the season of fall. until next time, cannon beach!

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