09.14.12 | OUR WEEKEND

since last weekend was labor day weekend and everything, we decided we just had to do something fun. it was either go up to portland and visit a pumpkin patch with a corn maze and all sorts of other harvest-y things or a trip to the coast. well, the coast trip won out and i'm super happy that's the decision we made. the weather was beautiful, the food was tasty and landon seemed to have a great time playing in the sand. we visited newport, for the sea lions and a stop at nye beach to walk along the shore, play in the sand and eat icecream. we also went up the coastline to lincoln city for lunch at kyllo's, where we haven't eaten in a really long time. SO good. that was saturday.

then on sunday, we headed over to justin's parent's house for a last minute bbq where we ate chicken sausages, salmon and they had some elk steak (none for me, thanks). we brought ripley along with us, which we don't do very often, and as justin was tying him up outside, he decided to dart after their cat and his collar came undone! i was worried he was gone for good. luckily the cat came back towards the house and justin was able to catch him (and get berry smears all over his clean white shirt in the process!). then, justin was walking him around the yard and ripley's collar came off again! so, that was that and we decided to have justin take him home so we wouldn't have to worry about it.

then yesterday, actual labor day, justin was on-call. so, we tend to stay home or near home those days and don't plan too much, especially since we only have the one car now. well, justin had two calls in the morning and another two after he finished with the first ones so he didn't get home until around 3ish. he decided it would be fun to take landon to a park, so we did that, as well as stop at petco to get a new collar for ripley and we decided to get him a nice big bone to chew on as well. then later that evening, justin had another call for which he saw two people and didn't get home until after 10, and then had to go back out again in the middle of the night. so in reality, we had a normal two-day weekend around here, not the three-day weekend the majority of everyone else had. we're okay with it though.

did you do anything super fun this special weekend?

and because i can't get enough of the coast,
i started following someone new on instagram.
@laurenepbath_ih takes some amazing photos.

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