with a somewhat busy week last week, with justin being on-call on monday, girl's night on wednesday, and hanging out with my sister on friday, you'd think i wouldn't be able to find much time to scour the internet and read lovely blog posts and check out pretty pictures. well, you'd be thinking wrong! i made time! and i did it last night, mainly, while half-watching dirty, rotten, scoundrels with justin while landon pushed his cars all over the place. aaahh, i love weekends!
click over to ashley's blog for a lovely giveaway!
james is one of those gals whose style i adore. i especially love her maternity style posts.
katie made sweet corn ice cream. go check out the recipe.
a new blog i'm following.
mmmm, this watermelon lemonade looks so good.
i need to tell you that i am obsessed with national geographic. and i'm just as obsessed with these pictures. so pretty.
if you're a fan of wallace & gromit, like me, then we should make sure and visit blackpool pleasure beach and take a spin on their new ride, next year.
i'm pretty sure i want to make this photo ledge. and fill it with pictures from printstagram.
i found this article last night. it's about a web series based on kids writing short-films, voicing them, and then having actors mouth the words while acting out the scenarios. there's two videos posted in this article and they sure had me giggling.
i found my new favorite flickr photostream. check it out if you're a dog-lover.

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