maybe i'm a weird-o, but i'm in love with blurry ocean pictures.

i thought i'd take advantage of the fact that my little boy is taking a nap and my husband is off spending the day with his brother (acting like a teenager, i'm sure!) and write up a little post on all of the beautiful things i've seen floating around the internet this past week. and can i just mention how much i love doing this from the comfort of my couch, instead of in the corner of our loft? because really, having a laptop is really where it's at. 


first things first, head on over to kelle's blog because there's a cute little video.

this sounds like the perfect birthday day.

i just might have to take part in this project. how about you? (warning: you might get sucked in.)

megan's found a stylish way to de-clutter her living room from kid's toys!

i love all of danielle's currently posts.

losing a beloved pet is such a hard thing to deal with.

speaking of pets, i really REALLY want to do this with ripley.

if you hurry, you just might be able to get in on this giveaway!

such a great new blog i'm following.

wouldn't this be a great christmas card?

did you see that rowan turned two?! gosh, time sure flies.

and did you also see that jasmine gets to meet her little baby girl on october 31st? a halloween baby!

natalie sure makes me want to visit new york! and get a cookie with her and huck. (i also can't get enough of her blog re-design and am thinking of getting one myself.)

can someone please get me this iphone case? pretty please...

it's quite possible i am going to be doing this quick diy in the next few months.

okay seriously, such a darling little girl.

my stomach is growling just thinking about these divine cookies.

i am in love with this idea for a game room. 

this little pooch makes me want another puppy.

anddd...another great blog i just recently started following.


have a great weekend, everyone!

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