09.12.12 | I LOVE...

fall is literally just around the corner and i couldn't be more excited about sweaters and boots and warm, neutral tones. aahhh, i love warm colors. and you know what else i'm excited about? hopefully stocking my makeup bag with all sorts of pretty things.

01. Diorshow Mascara. i was lucky enough to test this out a few years ago at my local sephora store while getting a mini-makeover. (the same day i got my first bareMinerals starter kit!) i fell in love, instantly. and if it weren't for the price tag at the time, i would've bought it. unfortunately, i couldn't afford it (and probably still can't) but love it nonetheless. it's a showstopper, that's for sure.
02. SEPHORA by OPI nail polish. really, OPI is the only polish i buy, i'm weird like that. it's also the only polish i choose when getting a manicure. i just love it. i only ever need two coats to get the color i want and i love all of the different color choices they have. especially when there's a new special edition set out (like the betsey johnson ones). i'm really digging this opaque almost black with a hint of green color called 'dark room'. it just looks so fall-worthy. (i already own and LOVE 'metro chic'. you should too.)
03. Bobbi Brown bronzer/blush duo. it's already hard enough to find a blush that works for your skin tone so when i find one that does and it comes with a compatible bronzer to boot, i fall in love. and this one? well, this one would be perfect.
04. bareMinerals customizable Get Started set. okay, i LOVE bareMinerals. have since the very first day i decided to just go ahead and buy a starter set, about four years ago. best decision i ever made. before, i was using covergirl or mary kay or whatever i could get my hands on. and you know what? i really never found a foundation that matched my skin tone as well as this stuff does. this stuff just changed my life. and i've never gone back. i love the brushes, i love the foundation, i love the all-over face colors, i love the mineral veil. aahh, i love it all. if you haven't tried it, go to the store and get it. now. you can thank me later.
05. Philosophy Aloha Girl lip shine. i'll admit it, i own tons of lip gloss/lip shine and hardly ever wear it. i'm just awful at remembering to put it on. usually, it's lip balm and i'm out the door. but, i do want to try this philosophy stuff. it's received great reviews and if it tastes like vanilla-coconut like it says, then it's got to be a winner.
06. NARS lipstick. like i said before, i'm a lip balm girl, usually. but every time i see this 'heat wave' color on naomi from rockstar diaries, i secretly wish i could pull it off. so maybe, just maybe, the next time i'm in the store, i'll find myself picking it up.
07. bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 - The Playlist. you're probably tired of hearing me say this but i can't help it, i LOVE bareMinerals. and their eyeshadows are no exception. they seem to last forever, they aren't super difficult to take off at the end of the night, and they don't fade quickly. and their colors? oh, i love their color selection. i'd definitely get good use out of this palette.


do you have any go-to makeup items you want to share?

yep, i'm a sephora fan.
big time.

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