09.05.12 | I LOVE...

1. edible halloween bats made by SugarRobot.
2. creepy cupcake toppers by craftypagan.

i am a major fan of halloween and always seem to have a difficult time deciding if i like cutesy halloween or creepy halloween. growing up, my mom always dressed me and my siblings in creepy costumes because according to her, halloween was NOT for cute princess costumes. it was for being dracula or wednesday from the addam's family, NOT belle or cinderella. and for the most part, i agree with her. well, until last year. we dressed landon up as a greaser from the 50's. not very scary. i'm not sure what we're going to dress him up as this year (maybe a lawn gnome?!) but there seems to be only a short time frame of when a little kid can get away with being all cutesy for halloween. and i might just take advantage of that.

as for decor? i guess i tend to lean more towards the creepy side of things. i mean, we did carve hands into pumpkins one year and place them out in the yard to make it look like hands were coming up from underground. and i do love me some fake spiderwebs. and i can't get enough of creepy looking bottle labels made to look like poison and arsenic. and invitations? well, there was the year i made little toe tags for invites. ya know, the tags they hang on corpse's bodies at the morgue for identification.

what's your favorite halloween decoration and/or costume?

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