i've decided to put together a post based on some of my very favorite essentials for a toddler boy. i think i've got a pretty good style sense (please inform me if i don't!) and i really enjoy picking out clothes for landon.
landon's shirt found here and shoes (similar) here.

for the most part, we try to keep 'buying new' to a minimum and get a lot of hand-me-down's from one of my good friends. grandparents come in handy too when needing new clothes. c;

the major stores we shop at are:

01. a super warm, super comfy, cord sherpa-lined jacket for those cold fall/winter seasons.
02. really cute plaid shorts. (to look just like daddy.)
03. fleece hoodie, for those early morning stroller rides in spring&summer.
05. a good set of pj's. we love the two-piece pj's these days.
06. the best jeans from gap. they have a button fly and fit landon super well.
07. favorite socks: hanes. slip grip bottoms and they stay up his ankles.

some pieces that we just loooove (that i couldn't save pics of):
a good pair of suspenders
the best white onesies

do you have any favorite pieces for your children?

*i'm looking forward to adding some of these
to landon's closet this christmas-time.

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