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landon watching some bubble guppies the other day.

WATCHING: the hills, on netflix. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i am a sucker for reality television. i know, you're probably thinking "wasn't the hills scripted?". and whether it was or it wasn't, i became obsessed with it very quickly. i mean, how could you not love a half-hour show filled with drama, a crazy couple (spencer & heidi, duh!), and killer fashion on LC's part? yeah. it's definitely not a show for everyone, but i love it nonetheless.

ANTICIPATING: this weekend! we were invited to spend a weekend with justin's oldest and best friend stu and his girlfriend, kitty, at her parent's sea shanty in cannon beach. you all know how much i love cannon beach, right?! i'm so excited. justin took friday off from work so we can leisurely make our way up there, instead of waiting until the end of the work day and not getting there until super late, which is obviously not conducive to a toddler's schedule. we're thinking of hitting up the lumberyard for dinner on friday night since we aren't quite sure if our wonderful hosts will be there in time for dinner or not, but whatever ends up happening, we're going to have such a great time! it seems like forever since we last saw stu and we really haven't seen kitty in actually forever so it's going to be great catching up with them over an entire weekend, versus the short couple of hours we usually get with them. 

READING: our lady of the forest, by david guterson. i picked this book up a couple of months ago from our local used bookstore. i figured i'd love it since i loved snow falling on cedars so much. i'm not sure if it's because i just can't seem to find the time (probably because i keep filling my spare time with things like the hills) or what but i'm having a hard  time getting into this book. it's not that the writing isn't good or the storyline isn't compelling, i really don't know what it is. maybe i set myself up, like i expected it to capture my interest from the very first sentence and since it didn't, i'm disappointed? i don't know. whatever it is, it's keeping me from finishing it and i hate not finishing a book once i start it. 

THINKING ABOUT: getting a professional blog design. i really enjoy playing around with blogger, trying to figure out html code and all that comes with making my blog pretty, but it's really a lot of work. and there are some things i just can't figure out on my own. and since i saw natalie's most recent blog redesign, i couldn't help but click over to blogmilk and check out what ana has to offer. i've definitely fallen in love with one of her pre-made styles and am trying to decide if i should just bite the bullet already and order it or if i should think it over some more and get one custom-tailored. it's such a tough decision! 

STRESSING OVER (just slightly): not having enough time in the day! there are so many things i want to get done over the course of a typical day and i'm coming to realize that it's nearly impossible! i thought that once i quit my job and became a full-time stay-at-home mom i would have all this time to do everything i wanted to do. i'd be able to go grocery shopping, make dinner every night, sweep, vacuum and mop every day, work on blog posts, take landon to the library or park or wherever else sounded like fun, go for walks with ripley every morning, go to the gym on a regular basis, etc., etc., etc. and, well, it just hasn't happened. i definitely don't get the house cleaned daily, tuesday was the first library excursion, ripley doesn't get walked daily (sorry rip!), dinner gets made more often than not (but not necessarily by the time justin gets home) and the gym has been put on the back burner. lately i've really been feeling the urgency to get my tush to the gym, probably because justin's been going every work day and is looking and feeling pretty darn good. seeing his motivation and his results is really making me put pressure on myself to do it too. unfortunately, there's no time! and it really doesn't help when i don't want to make time to go to the gym because that would mean leaving landon with either a). a sitter or, b). the daycare at the gym. and i've got some problems with leaving landon in general (that's another topic for another time). 

WORKING ON: planning our five-year wedding anniversary. it's only a few short months away and we have no idea what we are going to do! we thought it might be fun to celebrate next month because that's the month we officially started dating. plus, december is already so jam-packed full of stuff like christmas, my sister's and her boyfriend's and my nephew's and my father-in-law's birthdays, new year's eve, etc. who knows what we're going to actually do or where we're going to go. i'm excited about it though! five years is a long time, and eight years of dating/knowing each other is pretty long too! 


thanks danielle for inspiring these currently posts!

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