well folks, the day finally arrived in our house on saturday night. we dismantled landon's crib and now he sleeps on his mattress on the floor. who are we kidding? he's been sleeping on the floor for ages now! so, i thought i'd put up a little post full of pretty pictures of landon's room from before the crib came down. ya know, when it was still technically a nursery.

when pregnant, i didn't want to decorate until we knew if we were having a boy or girl. we bought the crib and changing table off of craigslist (for a steal!) and they sat in an empty room for a long time. justin painted the wall a dark brown one day while i was napping and from there, everything just kind of fell into place.

we had the chair in our living room, and then once landon was born, in the loft or our bedroom, and soon realized it belonged in his room. it doesn't really rock, more likes softly bounces, and that works great for us. we couldn't afford one of those really nice rockers and i didn't really see the point in spending money on a rocker that i didn't really like the look of so we just decided to go with it.

the animal figurine was one of the first items we bought for the room and we found it at ross for $2 or something. i thought it was super cute and justin thought it was completely wrong. i know, a duck on a sheep on a bunny doesn't really make sense but it was cute nonetheless.

the art on the wall are photocopies of pages from "guess how much i love you" and "the quiet book". we took the books to staples to make copies and bought the frames at michael's. the baskets on the changing table were also a find from michael's.

landon's door doesn't like to stay open on it's own so i decided to use his cute little lion for a doorstop. he works perfectly! his tail is curved ever so slightly and fits right around the door. the pooh bear stuffies were purchases before i was even pregnant (can you believe it?!). i was obsessed with the classic pooh items at target and couldn't resist picking them up and putting them in a 'someday-i'll-have-a-child-who-i-can-give-these-to' storage bin. the bunny stuffed animal was a gift from my aunt pam the day landon was born (or day after? i'm not sure). and the sleep sheep was a shower gift from my grandma. it makes different soothing noises and we used it a lot while in the hospital and for a few months after.

landon's bedding is from target and his laundry hamper is from ikea. he also has a hanging thing in the closet from ikea that holds some more stuffies and a hat/coat rack that's in the shape of a bunny riding a carrot car. it's really too adorable.

my favorite part of the room has to be the wall decals. there are three different ones, in total. there's a giraffe above his light switch, a moon with a sleep cap above his changing table but the best one of all: the birch trees behind his crib. the trees were a gift from uncle stu when landon was a couple of months old. we absolutely love them! and what we love most about them is that they will be able to grow with him. i won't have to completely redecorate his room when he's a few years older (unless he wants me to) because we didn't do a really childish theme, and i'm really happy about that.

so, there you have it! we're thinking of getting landon a big-boy bed soon. trying to decide if i want to spend the money on a toddler bed or just go right on up to a twin...?

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