i wrote a post a while ago that had some random thoughts listed in it. i've decided to write more in-depth about each of those topics in multiple posts. i don't know if i'll go in order of how i wrote them in the original post or not, but i'm looking forward to spending some time trying to figure out why each of those thoughts came to my mind.

i guess to get the ball rollin', i'll start with mom-brain (which just happens to be the first one on my my list).

ok, so i'm got mom-brain (obviously). i classify it as the condition of pregnancy brain that just continued to get worse after pregnancy. i seriously have such a hard time constructing sentences when i'm talking to people anymore. and it's just not funny. i really struggle to find the words that i actually want to use in a sentence and when i realize that it's happening, again, i get even more flustered which makes it more difficult. sometimes i'll try to play it off and be all non-chalant about the entire situation but in reality, i feel really, really stupid.

and then there's the fact that my memory is terrible. for the first time in my life (which isn't saying must at this moment), i am struggling to remember something justin said to me the week before, or even the day before. and it's killing me. i hate that my memory is not working like i think a normal 26-year-old's memory should. i used to pride myself on my memory and how awesome i was at remembering specific things. now i can barely remember the one item i went to the grocery store for. 

for a short time, i thought it could have been because i wasn't working anymore and then i realized that wasn't it. i mean, i was working for almost a year after landon was born and i was having these same problems in my work environment. i'd have conversations with a co-worker and was constantly tongue-tied trying to spit out sentences. it was embarrassing, to say the least.

maybe it's because i'm not stimulating my brain enough? was my job not stimulating? maybe. am i not doing enough now that i'm home with landon? that can't be it. we're constantly working on puzzles and reading together and talking about different colors and shapes and numbers. and i definitely still read novels and memoirs and things like i used to, albeit not as often as i used to. i guess i do watch a little more tv than before, especially if there's any free time during nap time. but i'm also using some of that time to do blog posts and write letters to landon and do other things in which i need to use my brain. but there are the early morning bubble guppies episodes that are on while i'm getting landon's breakfast together and if it's still on when breakfast is made, we'll finish the episode together. could i be dumbing my brain down by watching these cartoons with him? they're supposed to be educational, right, but not educational for me. (duh.)

maybe i should start taking vitamins on a regular basis and not just when i'm deficient with them? that'd probably be a good idea. and throw in some krill oil while i'm at it. 

please tell me i'm not alone in this all you mama's out there. but if i am, please don't tell me. 

btw: i should mention that i'm writing this post
on my brand new macbook pro.
that's right folks, i'm a mac now!


  1. Oh, Lacey ... You are NOT alone!

    I have AWFUL Mom Brain. I've always prided myself on being exceptional at organization, and having a great vocabulary. I'm lucky if I can find my sunglasses (in my hand), or remember the correct day for Maile's doctor's appointment (I actually had an appointment in my phone for not only the wrong day, but the wrong month, and showed up anyway ...), let alone form a coherent verbal sentence.

    I just keep telling myself that it's worth seeing that cute little face every morning!

    1. you're totally right! it IS worth seeing his cute little face every morning. c;

  2. I how much sleep are you getting these days? I once saw a study linking lost sleep and mom brain. I think it ends, somewhat. At least mine does :).

    1. i get a decent amount of sleep, anywhere from 7-9, albeit it isn't a continuous sleep as my little guy still doesn't sleep the greatest (he gets night terrors, boo!). but thanks for the info! i'll definitely check it out.


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