as i'm sitting here on my couch, eating mike & ike's and watching old episodes of 'the hills' on netflix (i know, i know, nerd alert), i decided it's probably about time to let you all know how i've been doing with these awful enemies of mine. (you can catch up, here.)

so, first things first: my eczema. 

it hasn't gotten better. i was prescribed a steroid ointment by my doctor and that seemed to be helping! and then, as soon as i stopped using the ointment, it flared right back up. so, i was frustrated and upset and itching and i just couldn't take it anymore and the medication said to only use it for up to two weeks! and it had definitely been two weeks. i called up my doc and said that it wasn't working and she immediately referred me to a dermatologist, and told me to keep using the ointment. 

well, the dermatologist was no help. he basically told me that i was out of luck and there was nothing he could do for me. (what?!) i was peeved, to say the least. he said i have dyshidrotic eczema and that there was no cure. really, all i can do, is try and figure out what is happening around me or what i am doing to myself to be causing it. like, what food(s) am i eating that are irritating me or what stressors can i cut out of my life or switch out all of your shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc., and try to see which one is causing it. also, keep my hand(s) out of water. so i'm thinking to myself, "why now?! why all of a sudden am i having this problem? i've never had an issue before and i didn't just decide to add something new to my diet or hair/body products or anything like that." 

i decided to switch out all of my shampoos, conditioners and body washes to dermatologist recommended stuff (ie. cetaphil), i lotion up on a daily basis now (which i NEVER used to do because i HATE the feeling of lotion - and it isn't helping the itch or dryness on my legs either, but that's besides the point), i wear gloves when doing the dishes, i also wear gloves with handling food like potatoes, carrots, citrus (and that's a royal pain, let me tell ya), justin cleans landon up after meals that he's home for so that i don't have to put my hands in water any more than necessary, and i still use the steroid cream (yep, i switched to cream. it's nicer.). 

i still have my flare-ups on my hand if i don't use the steroid cream(s) consistently. and i really don't know how to even go about eliminating certain foods. i mean, truthfully, i just don't want to. and the stress? i'm never gonna have a stress-free life. who does? especially with a one-income household and a mortgage payment and a toddler who keeps me on my toes.

okay, on to enemy number two: allergies.

that doctor i went and saw after being sick for three+ weeks was full of crap. i listened to him (against my better judgement) and decided to try the nasal spray and take allergies on a nightly basis. and i did it for two or so weeks. and you know what? it didn't help. not one bit. plus, we went out to my dad's house one night for dinner and ate outside, RIGHT NEXT TO A GRASS SEED FIELD (the doctor was 100% certain that was my allergy) and i had no issue with it whatsoever. justin, on the other hand, had a mild attack of the horrid itchy-eyes, sneezing, allergy variety. so, i decided to quit all of those medications cold turkey. i mean, if they weren't doing anything to prevent me from feeling as sick as i was, what the heck was the point of putting all of that crap down my throat and up my nose? 

and you know what else? about a week after not taking that allergy stuff, i got better. yeah, last time i go see that on-call doctor. sheesh.

so, that's a lovely little recap on my stupid enemies. 

if you've got dyshidrotic eczema,
or know someone that does,
i'd gladly take any ideas you have!  


  1. I've dealt with some skin issues and allergies all my life. It's a bit of a drastic change, but I've eliminated all grains, processed carbs, and almost all dairy from my diet. Since doing that a few months ago, my skin issues have gone away and my allergies (while still present) were less crappy this summer than usual.

    It's not for everyone, and I'm no doctor, but I figured I'd share just in case you were interested in a similar approach!

    1. well, we're just going to have to talk about that this weekend!


thanks for the input!