why is it that when you haven't been feeling well for the past couple days and you wake up this morning with a super bad sore throat, so your patience is stretched pretty thin, that your toddler decides today is the day he's only going to nap for 30 minutes? and no matter how hard you try to get him to go back to sleep, he refuses? yeah, that's been me for the last hour. 

i got him to go to sleep fairly easily the first time, but as soon as i got settled on the couch to nap as well, he decided to wake up. i reluctantly got myself up off of the couch and into his room where he was sitting on his bed, just looking at me. but of course, as soon as i walked in there, he started flailing about and screaming like i was doing something terribly awful to him because, you know, going back to sleep is awful. and when i finally got him to lay back down, he just laid there, eyes wide open, staring into mine like "play with me, mama. don't just lay there." 

so i decided, okay, i'll try rocking him to sleep. and you know what happened? he pooped. so i'm thinking, alright, he just needed to poop. now he should go right back to sleep. nope! he starts freaking out when i don't let him throw the diaper away. like, full on crying. tears, people. so what's a mom to do? well, we tried laying there some more and rocking some more and i gave it my best effort. (well, as best i could given the condition i'm in.) and finally i just decided it wasn't worth it and asked him if he wanted to go downstairs, to which he pointed at the door and yelled "dah!", which, if you know my boy, is his answer for anything. 

so today, today i'm the mom that lets her kid watch way too much television because i just can't handle crawling all over the floor, playing with trucks and cars and blocks and my throat can't handle reading story after story. but as soon as i'm back to normal, you better believe that tv's gonna be off, and i'll be down there on the floor once again. 


  1. i'm so sorry you're not feeling well :( and don't you feel guilty at ALL about letting him watch tv. sometimes, momma's just ned to take a break!!!!

  2. Oh man, I had the same day but I don't have any kids... I do however have to work all day... which means I shouldnt be blogging like I am! hahaha


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