08.20.12 | WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO

you may have noticed (or, maybe not) that i haven't posted anything on this good 'ole blog of mine in about a week! how dare i, right?! well, sorry.

i took an unexpected, accidental break from the computer. and it was gooood. i spent nap times reading and showering, instead of blogging. instead of editing pictures or even taking them, i enjoyed just watching life happen. (that's not all true; i did take a few pictures.)

i went to a used bookstore with my mom, sister and landon and bought landon a handful of books; had lunch the same day with the aforementioned people and my grandma, too; did some grocery shopping; had landon's second to last day of swim class; visited with some family from out of state and from out of the country; ate pizza and watched a movie with justin's parents; made a shoofly pie and managed to eat almost the entire thing by myself (not all in one sitting, mind you); i played with landon and ripley outside and watched my little boy enjoying the sprinkler.

i've decided to not worry so much about getting posts up on this blog on regular intervals. some wednesday's i might not have a wishlist up and i'm okay with that. some days, i'm not going to put up a fashionable friday post and i'm not going to feel bad about it. some days, i won't link up all of the wonderful things i've read/found all over the internet even though i desperately want to share all of them with you! i'm going to blog when i've got a free minute, or when there's something that i just HAVE to share. and you know what? i don't have a whole lot of free minutes lately, and i'm okay with that.

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  1. YUP! Ditto :) I'm enjoying life this summer and trying not to blog as much! Plus, being pregnant, I have a MUCH earlier bedtime and nighttime is usually when I would blog :)


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