landon's final swim class is this coming saturday and since both justin and i will be in the water with him on that day, there won't be any pictures. so, i decided to not get in last week so i could take a few more shots of him swimming around and enjoying himself. that way, i can enjoy myself this week by just watching him and experiencing the moment.
we're going to miss swim class, that's for sure. i love how landon has fun every class and is starting to become more and more comfortable with the water. we've actually noticed how during bath time, when we pour water over his head and it gets in his eyes, he doesn't get as upset about it. he just wipes his eyes and goes on playing. before, he almost immediately wanted to get out.
we decided to get a family membership to our local ymca recently and we're pretty excited about it. they've got a pool (with plans to expand their entire facility in the next couple of years to include an olympic-size pool and a play area with a slide, zero depth area, etc.) and i'm really looking forward to taking landon there during open swim or parent & me swim times during the week, to keep his comfortability level where it's at. and then next summer, i'm sure we'll do swim class again. 

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