there's something that seems so magical about the state fair at night with all of the twinkly lights.
we had the pleasure of going to the state fair this year with my sister courtney and her boyfriend charlie. we had so much fun! (i know, i know. most of these pictures are of animals but i couldn't help myself! they're all so cute!)
we got there right before five which was really lucky because we were able to watch the k-9 flying dogs perform. watching all different sorts of dogs run around, chasing frisbee's and listening to their owner so well really made me wish we spent more time on ripley. unfortunately for us (and for him) he's a really stubborn breed and we were only able to teach him the basics. plus, he's a big baby and will only go chase after a ball or frisbee a couple of times before he tires out. but, i digress! these dogs were incredible. now for a story: while enjoying ourselves and watching these lovely dogs, two young women decided to walk right in front of landon and myself to try and find a seat. well, they couldn't find one and so decided to just stand right there, in front of us. i was very upset. i had to basically lift and move landon's stroller so he was able to see and then i had a poor view for the rest of the performance. who does this?! who stands directly in front of a toddler in a stroller to better their view? seriously. i mean, i'm sorry you didn't get there early enough for the show to get a seat and everything but you should really be more considerate and NOT stand in front of my family. they got the evil eye from me, that's for darn sure.
after the show, we decided to get some dinner. courtney and charlie had eaten a hand-dipped corn dog right when we got there and they looked soo good that i decided to get one too. i was right, they were gooood. so yummy! i also got myself a thing of curly fries to share with landon and justin and got landon some chicken strips. those chicken strips were sure good too! justin saw some $9 turkey legs and him and charlie decided they just had to have one. well, they waited in line for a good 20 minutes or so before they were told that it would be ANOTHER 30 minutes before they were even close to being done. unfortunately for them, they didn't get their turkey legs.
from there, we headed over to the animal exhibits. i just love walking through the barns and seeing all of the cows, sheep, goats, pigs and especially, horses. i couldn't contain my excitement when i saw the draft horses all gussied up ready for showing. i was squealing with happiness, i'm sure, when they all started parading right by us. i couldn't take enough pictures. (unfortunately, most of them are super blurry.) landon seemed to enjoy looking at all of the different animals and giving us his best cow and sheep impressions. he also got to pet a bunny which was probably one of the cutest things i've ever seen. (stay tuned because i'm going to share a video i took of some funny sounding sheep in the near future, just for courtney and charlie. c;)
this year at the fair they also had wild cats there. courtney and charlie waited in line before we got there and had their picture taken with a baby tiger for only $10! it was seriously cute. the line was super long when we got there and decided to pass this year. i did get some good pictures of the full-grown tiger though. they also had a minx, bobcat and leopard, but you couldn't hold any of those.
after walking through some more exhibits, it was time to get an elephant ear, one of the best perks of the state fair. landon got to try it too so it was extra fun. he seemed to like it a lot, especially when he would yell at us to give him more.
we walked around quite a bit trying to find a caricaturist but were unable to find a really good one. we found one for a decent price but it wasn't up to the standard we have on caricatures. (when j & i were first dating, we went to the fair and got one done. it turned out great! so, now we only want to get them done by really good artists.) so, we didn't get to get one done of landon this year, unfortunately. i also really wanted to get him something to commemorate his first year at the fair but we couldn't seem to find anything that he would enjoy that wasn't just a balloon that would pop eventually. so, charlie decided to play some skee ball and win landon a stuffed tiger (which he named skyline, after one of the flying dogs).
we had such a great time and i can't wait to go back next year!

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