08.27.12 | OUR WEEKEND

let me just say that our weekend was packed full of fun. like, sardine's-in-a-can packed. and it was fun, that's for sure!
friday was spent at my dad's house for dinner with family before we headed over to the fairgrounds to watch the night glow as part of the northwest art & air festival. i had never seen the night glow before and was really excited to be seeing it for the first time with landon. we got there a little after dusk and unfortunately missed out on some of the show. luckily for us, we've got some great friends that let us park at their house so we didn't have to pay for parking and so it wasn't that big of a deal.

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after the night glow, my sister, her boyfriend, his sister and my brother all came out to our house to play some games. the best part? my sister's boyfriend's sister (did ya get that?!) thinking she was giving us the right clues for 'spam' in catchphrase when in reality, she was giving us clues for the non-stick cooking spray 'pam'. that got a laugh out of all of us. we also played balderdash which really gets us laughing, especially when my brother cody is playing and charlie (my sister's boyfriend) is really tired.

the next morning, we had to get up early (after staying up past 1am) to make breakfast for my dad and his two sisters. luckily, i had made one batch of muffins the day before so all that had to be made was another batch of muffins, some potatoes and eggs&bacon. SO GOOD. landon enjoyed every last bit of his breakfast.

that afternoon was landon's last swim class of the summer. it's pretty sad that it's ending because he really seemed to enjoy this last class. he was really kicking his legs, smiling and in a really splash-y mood. i loved it. c: after swim, we headed to a nearby park for a "last swim and end of summer bbq" with justin's side of the family. the weather was perfect for it! landon sat in his stroller the ENTIRE time, just lounging, barely able to keep his eyes open. and wouldn't you know it, the second we start to drive away from the park, he was out like a light. he slept the whole way home and stayed asleep until it was time to wake up and go to dinner with my mom and step-dad.
sunday was spent at the state fair with my sister and her boyfriend but that deserves a post all it's own because i took quite a few pictures AND i've got a few stories. well, maybe only one story but it's a story and it's going to get it's own post. so there.

how was your weekend? do anything fun?
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